Chapter 7 & Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

If you are a casualty of the state or national recession, you do not have to settle for being a government statistic. You can fight back and work hard toward the debt relief you need.

Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy laws are on the books for a reason — to help those who have fallen on financial hard times through no fault of their own. If a sudden health or personal injury crisis, expensive divorce or accumulating credit card debt have put you far behind on your mortgage payments, and you are being threatened with mortgage foreclosure, we can show you the way back to a sound financial footing — at Bunch, Robins & Stubblefield, LLP, in Asheboro.

Our partners are among the very few attorneys in Randolph County to practice bankruptcy law. You will receive every benefit of our combined decades of experience, bankruptcy protections expertise and proven guidance that no other law firm in the region can offer.

We show you how the liquidation approach of Chapter 7 and reorganization strategy of Chapter 13 can buy time and breathing room, and promote your family's "fresh start." We work hard to keep your home and car or truck in your possession. We use the automatic stay of bankruptcy representation to prevent court-ordered wage garnishment and end harassment by creditors.

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Skilled North Carolina Attorneys With 80 Years Of Combined Experience

You will work directly with one of our trusted lawyers from start to finish of the bankruptcy process — from Chapter 7 "means test" to the life after bankruptcy you envision for your future.

We pinpoint your debt that is dischargeable and which debts are not. We tell you about property exemptions that state what possessions you can keep during bankruptcy. We explain the roles of trustees and judges who oversee your progress. We offer details on how the gradual repayment and reorganization features of Chapter 13 could be the answers to your financial problems.

At Bunch, Robins & Stubblefield, your attorney can discuss how to rebuild and restore your credit rating after a personal bankruptcy, and what to do when you once again become attractive to credit card companies, banks and lenders. We advise you on how to live within your means, and complete the comeback that you and your family can point to with pride.

You can benefit from our large law firm experience — 80 years of it, combined among our partners — and small law firm personal attention. Contact us today.

We are a debt relief agency that counsels clients according to federal Bankruptcy Code.

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.